Hudson Property Inspections

Servicing the Indianapolis Area...one neighbor at a time.

  1. Buyer's Inspection
    I will inspect your home with an eye for defects and near life cycle aging for various components in your prospective home. This information, together with your trusted Real Estate Professional can assist in determining the best course of action needed for your purchase. Plan to spend in excess of 3 hours to complete an average home inspection. More time will be necessary for larger homes, older homes and multi-unit complexes. You will be provided with a report that includes all major components written in clear and understandable language referenced to photographs and diagrams to assist your decision. The digital report is only issued to you, unless you request any other parties to have copies...those digital copies are provided at no additional charge. After your purchase is complete, I recommend a Walk-thru Inspection after the previous owners/occupants have moved out. Things may change or there may have been furniture and belongings in the way that prevented us from inspecting areas before the previous owners moved out.
  2. Seller's Inspection
    As a seller, you want to make sure that after all the negotiations have concluded, there are no surprises. Surprises that may include a major defect in your home's components that could significantly impact the price you receive for your home. This report, together with your trusted Real Estate Professional can help with determining the best course of action to take...whether to repair or to disclose to the prospective buyer and allow them to handle the repairs. Often the repair items are such that a handyman could facilitate them and possibly save on repairs ahead of a buyer's inspection. More importantly, the peace of mind that the property you are selling is in good repair.
  3. Periodic Assessment
    You know the old saying..."Time Flies?" Well, it does seem to be so...at least in my experience. Before you know it, your new home starts showing age marks and left unrecognized appliance breakdowns happen, structural issues start to arise and components just simply wear out. Left unattended smal repairs can collect into repair cost that reach into the thousands. Why not handle those repairs as they occur or as they start to show up? Having an independent inspector assess your property's components means that the eyes inspecting your property have no financial interest in selling you those repairs. This gives you the option on which repair company can offer the best services, with reasonable prices and on your schedule instead of after a component has failed requiring an emergency service call. We recommend an assessment no less than every two years and preferably each year. Remember that big storm...that funny noise from the Air Handling Unit...that piece of roofing kicked out from the mower...does that Hot Water tank have a recall by the manufacturer? It's easy to forget until it's too late. Set up your Assessment Program and set your mind at ease.
  4. Pest Inspection
    I can inspect your property for Wood Destroying Organisms and Insects to allow you to combat those invasions early instead of years down the line. A single colony of termites can spread throughout a house for over 10 years before any visible signs are apparent. Whether the invasion is fresh or there are signs of a previous invasion, I can help you to see what the insect is and determine the best solution for your home's needs.
  5. After The Inspection
    Let's face it, if you're buying a home there is a mountain of paperwork and processes to make sure the financing is correct, the price is fair and that you have clear deed to the property you are paying for. Last but certainly not least, there is the move...trucks, movers, boxes...boxes...and yes, more boxes. You may need a few weeks to allow everything to settle before you discover a question about your home. I gladly respond to any neighbor needing assistance. Whether it's "how does this filter go in the air unit, to where is the water main shut-off valve?" Perhaps things were so overwhelming that the report was just another thing on the stack and you want to review it one more time. You know...for that "To Do List?" There will be a section of recommendations for monitoring certain items we found together and I'm happy to review that with you. Please...contact me so we can put it back on top of your "To Do List."
  6. Pricing
    I don't use a One Size Fits All Pricing list. Each inspection is priced based on a client's specific property characteristics. Please contact me, so that I can give you an accurate price based on a fair and reasonable assessment of the property we will be inspecting. Most prices can be determined with just one phone call... 317-652-4810